Alpha course

Alpha course

Alpha course

What is the Alpha Course?
Alpha course consists of six speeches on topics related to the Christian faith.

The intercession of follow-up discussion in small groups. The aim is to discuss topics of the evening, ask questions and express different opinions.
Coffee & Groups
Listen, discover information, discuss and discover. And you can ask for anything. Alpha is a place where no question is considered misplaced or inappropriate or biased.
Speech topics

  1. Who is Jesus and why He has died?
  2. How to get faith?
  3. Why and how to pray?
  4. Is the Bible trustworthy and how to read?
  5. Who is the Holy Spirit and how is He workig?
  6. Does God heal today?

Who is the course for?
Alpha is for everyone. Especially interesting:

  • those who want to explore Christianity
  • newly converted Christians
  • new church members
  • those who want to repeat the basics of faith

How much is Alpha?
Alpha courses are free, although you no one will defend you to contribute to cover the cost of refreshments.


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